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Europe Direct Information Centre for the Split-Dalmatia region.

With the establishment of the Europe Direct Information Centre for the Split-Dalmatia region, the possibility has opened up for all its citizens to access information and advice on all EU topics, from information on the rights of EU citizens, priorities and policies of the EU to information about funding opportunities through EU programs and consulting on team issues.




The goal of establishment of such a centre on the concept of "all in one place" is to familiarise citizens with the EU and provide full information. Also, in the case of requests for expert assistance with the preparation of specific projects for the application to EU programs, it is our goal to advise and instruct the user to specialized information resources and institutions that can provide expert assistance.

In this way the centre complements and supports the work of the representative office of the European Commission and the European Parliament Information Office at a local and regional level, and also through alliances with regional and local governments, institutions, organizations, etc. creates an institutional support network for users thereby adding value to activities of competent structures. This kind of action will facilitate citizens' communication with authorities and the EU institutions.

The aim is to make information easily accessible for citizens and also provide an opportunity for citizens to express and exchange views on all areas of the EU, especially those that affect the daily lives of people. The Information Centre, aside for the part of providing information, aims at the promotion of active citizen participation at a local and regional level. Through conferences and events, the Information Centre aims at encouraging discussion and feedback of EU citizens, and also through this way of communication, enables transparency of actions of EU institutions.

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    Domovinskog rata 2, 21000 Split

    monday-friday [08:00-12:00]


    +385 21 400 292


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